Gupta Bansal's Mathematics Class XII (Volume I)

Gupta Bansal's Mathematics Class XII (Volume I)
Textbook (CBSE)
Dr. V.K. Gupta, Dr. A.K. Bansal, P.K. Bansal
Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd.
  • Written strictly in accordance with the latest CBSE curriculum.
  • The contents relate to real-life situations and their presentation proceeds from 'specific' to 'generalised', taking care of all the doubtsarising in the minds of students.
  • All theoretical explanations and situations arising therefrom, supported by relevant solved examples, are thoughtfully arranged for the right formation of concepts and development of applicable skills.
  • Examples with detailed step-by-step solutions to ensure proper understanding of conceptual applications.
  • HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)-Each chapter contains questions with solutions, requiring application of superior skills and tacts besides proper understanding of relevant theory.
  • Solved examples and exercises include a large number of questions based on NCERT textbook, NCERT EXEMPLAR and previous years' CBSE papers, clearly marked for easy identification.
  • APPs (Additional Practice Problems)-An exclusive exercise in each chapter, which provides students with select problems for additional practice.
  • PACE (Problems Asked in CBSE Exams)-A separate section in each chapter, which includes problems asked in the previous years' Board examinations with marks allotted to each problem.
  • The book fully covers the syllabus-theory, consequent concept formation, application of related skills-to solve all imaginable problems and questions.
  • Visit the thoroughly upgraded website to freely access complete solutions to all problems given in APPs and PACE sections, and other exam-related material.
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